Baby Cricket and Little Cricket

These classes introduce Chinese to young or 2-3 year old nursery children through play, interaction, and creative activities that hold their attention. They combine language and culture while focusing on topics surrounding daily life.

Content & Objective

Baby Cricket Introductory Level Class

Times: 2:00-3:00pm 
For: Two year olds and their parents
Course fee per semester: $90.00

This class will include 60 minutes of instruction, with Chinese songs and stories and related art projects organized around the general theme of "Animals".

Parents of toddlers who would like to attend either of the adult language classes in addition to the Baby Cricket class can drop off their children in a supervised playroom while attending their class.

Little Cricket Introductory Level Class

Times: 2:00-3:00pm 
For: Three year olds, with parents welcome to attend
Course fee per semester: $90.00

This is an introductory level of class, each lesson will start with basic greeting phrases, simple sentences and children’s songs. According to the kids’ age and interests the focus of this class is on comprehensive listening and repeatedly little talking, through various hands – on work such as coloring, drawing and a lot of other creative activities, fun games and art projects, to recognize animals, colors, numbers, family members and body parts etc. In order to utilize class time sufficiently and effectively parents are encouraged to accompany their kid/kids and work with them both in class and at home.


Note: Cricket reserves the right to adjust or cancel classes if registration is less than three students in a class.