These classes provide an introduction to spoken Mandarin and the Pinyin system, as well as the environment for participants to cultivate an appreciation for the Chinese language and culture.

Intermediate Language

Times: 2:00-4:00pm
For: Middle and high school students after many years at Cricket Academy
Prerequisite: None
Course fee per semester: $170.00
This class offers instruction in written and spoken Mandarin for committed students.  It provides continuing exposure to Chinese culture and language through the high school years.  We use textbook series to introduce students to the writing system.  Class members will receive an introduction to written Mandarin, as well as a thorough grounding in the pinyin system for representing Mandarin with the Latin alphabet.

Chinese for Adult and Student Parent

Times: 3:00-4:00pm
For: Adults
Prerequisite: None
Course fee per semester: $90.00

This classes is designed for adult and the parents of cricket students. Upon completion of this course, students will gain oral fluency in five basic topics of daily life: greeting, daily life routine, foods, personal information exchange, and transportation. Students will also learn to recognize and write the first 100 Chinese characters. In addition, we will spend an extra 10-15 minutes with parents whose children study in cricket academy to study the work/textbook. This will enable parents to help their children better master the language by helping with weekly lessons and homework.

Note: Cricket reserves the right to adjust or cancel classes if registration is less than three students in a class.